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Summer Solstice Celebration Exhibit

June 21 - 23, 2019


The Artists Loft invites you to celebrate the Sun, the Great Chariot in the sky, on its annual journey across the sky as it enters the Constellation of Cancer, and the archetype of the Zodiac sign, Cancer (the Crab) and all that it stands for. This mystical orb has long been revered by ancient cultures, who created time charts, planted and harvested, moved their people from place to place, and created great monuments in its honor.


This Celebration starts on the first day of Summer and features unique, original painting, photography, poetry and interactive installation work by local San Francisco Bay Area artists and a guest artist from Los Angeles.

Exhibit Dates & Times:

    Friday     6/21/19     6pm - 10pm

  Saturday     6/22/19     1pm - 6pm     

Sunday     6/23/19     1pm - 6pm

Key Events within the Exhibit:

 Friday     6/21/19    630pm – 930pm     Opening/ Artists' Reception

Saturday 6/22/19    530pm – 630pm     The Spoken Word & Poetry

Sunday   6/23/19     5pm - 6pm              Unplugged Vocal Performance

Participating Artists

A'vyone, Fremont

Chris Byrne, Berkeley

Cali-Cazanova, Hercules

Valentina Forte-Hernandez, Los Angeles

Melanie Gravois, Oakland

JazLoveDeep, Alameda

Dominique  Montgomery, Hercules

Sandra Martinez-Regan, Danville

Elizabeth Schrey, Oakland

Soukaina, Oakland

UpsideDownGhost, Oakland

This event is free and open to the public of all ages.  We look forward to celebrating the official start of Summer and the Zodiac of Cancer with you!


For more information, please visit The Artists Loft's Exhibits/Events webpage.

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