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Previous Exhibits & Events

April 15-16, 2017 and April 21-23, 2017


This powerful, collaborative exhibit, featuring work from local artists and a guest artist from New Mexico, explores the topic of death, which is reflected in each unique, visual interpretation presented for your consideration.  

7pm - 930pm

“Meet and Greet” the artists who have contributed to this very relevant, provocative exhibit, which explores the topic of death.

Exploration of Death: Solo Movement Art Performance

April 16, 2017

3pm - 5pm

Join us for a solo performance featuring movement artist, Liv Schaffer, who will perform her interpretation of Danse Macabre through purposefully sequenced human movement. Liv will also discuss her movement films, which will be shown during the Exploration of Death exhibit.

7pm - 9pm


Join us for an evening of live Bluegrass music performed by local Californian musicians who have been performing together for many years. Their performance includes wistful songs about loss, pain and redemption; plays on themes of regret and sorrow; and exudes the strength, courage and spirituality that can only be expressed in Bluegrass music.

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