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The Artists Loft is a working studio and gallery that is dedicated to creativity in all forms and inclusive collaboration with local artists to provide them with space to showcase their accomplishments. 


It is one of the newer art studios/ galleries in Oakland's emerging art scene, where the art and art scene is thriving.  Located in the historic Old Oakland neighborhood, not too far from the Art Murmur boundaries, it brings a different artistic dimension to the creative district that is home to some excellent eateries, ecclectic shops and long time, local businesses.

The studio is used by owner and artist, Melanie Gravois, as the center of creativity where her expressions come to life.  The gallery houses a permanent collection of Ms. Gravois' work and, at times, features work from various local artists.  To view some of the pieces in the art collection, go to the
Gallery page. To schedule a viewing of the collection and and discuss pricing, please contact us.

The goal of The Artists Loft is to avoid the elitism of the art world and ensure local artists, and their art, remain tied to their community.  To that end, The Artists Loft offers an art space to local artists that is accessible, yet maintains a standard of quality and taste.

Artists interested in collaborating with The Artists Loft or reserving gallery space to showcase their work can 
contact us to find out more information.






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